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本文摘要:Could smart watches make your sales teams or service agents more responsive to customer needs?智能手表能让你的销售或客服团队更加敏锐地做到客户市场需求吗?


Could smart watches make your sales teams or service agents more responsive to customer needs?智能手表能让你的销售或客服团队更加敏锐地做到客户市场需求吗?Many businesses taking a chance on wearable technologies believe the answer to that question is “Yes,” suggests acorporate adoption study conducted by Salesforce in the weeks leading up to the Apple Watch release.在苹果手表发售的前一周,客户关系管理公司Salesforce就企业对这款产品的接受度展开了一项研究,最后找到许多把赌局遣在可穿着技术上的企业都做出了认同问。More than one-third of the roughly 1,400 respondents already use wearable technologies on the job. A large majority (86%) plan to invest more in applications for smart watches, lanyards, bracelets, and eyewear over the next year.在约1400名受访者中,多达三分之一早已开始在工作中用于可穿着技术。绝大部分受访者(86%)都计划在明年花上更加多钱来出售智能手表、系带、手链和眼镜。

Not surprisingly, watches are getting most of the attention, with almost half the survey respondents suggesting they’ll have the biggest impact within corporate settings. Among the most anticipated usage scenarios: real-time access to customer information, instruction guides for field service teams, real-time alerts about everything from pricing changes to average call-center wait times, and training materials.手表受到了最少的注目,这点并不令人车祸。将近半数受访者回应,它们将对工作环境产生很大的影响。还包括动态取得顾客信息;指导现场修理人员;动态警告价格变动、呼叫中心平均值等待时间等最重要信息;获取培训资料等。

“Think of this, in the case of retail, I’m a manager or service worker. Now, I can make sure everyone who walks into the store gets a personalized experience,” said Lindsey Irvine, global director of strategic partnerships for Salesforce, which will have its first Apple Watch application available Friday when the first orders make it to customers’ wrists. “[These devices] can give you the right intelligence and predictive information you need, at the time you need it.”Salesforce公司全球战略合作伙伴关系主管林赛o欧文回应:“可以看看它在销售中的起到,假设我是一名经理或服务人员。现在,我可以保证每位进店的顾客都能获得自定义简化的体验。在你必须的时候,这些设备可以给你获取适合的情报和你所须要的预测信息。

” Salesforce的第一款苹果手表应用于将在该产品预售时实时上线。In short, wearables could be an invaluable tool for creating happy customers. “Data intelligence derived from wearables allows employees to know their customer’s behavior and patterns in advance, to better serve and know them in that micro-moment,” said Eric Berridge, CEO of Bluewolf, a marketing and sales consulting company that works closely with Salesforce, Marketo and Oracle. “Wearables allow enterprises to optimize this. The interface is on the body, rather than in pockets and bags where opportunities might be missed.”简而言之,可穿着设备可以沦为让客户失望的超级工具。营销和销售咨询公司Bluewolf的首席执行官埃里克o贝里奇回应:“来自可穿着设备的数据情报可以让员工提早获知顾客的不道德模式,只需一刹那,就能更佳地服务和理解顾客。可穿着设备让企业以求优化自己的服务。

它的界面就带上在身上,而不是放到容易被注意到的口袋或提包里。”该公司与Salesforce、Marketo和甲骨文公司有密切合作关系。Digital badges and “lanyards” such as the Nymi heart-monitoring device beat out eyewear (although only slightly) as the second most active area of interest. (Fitness bands were categorized separately.) These sorts of devices are being considered for applications such as access control for office buildings or hotel rooms, or as the payment conduit in resorts or theme parks. Disney’s MagicBands, which are RFID-enabled wristbands, are great example of a system that’s already up and running.数码胸卡和“系带”,比如Nymi的心率监测设备,多达了眼镜,沦为人们第二感兴趣的领域,尽管优势十分黯淡。


“We want more killer apps, and we want our customers to be building these things,” Irvine said, when asked about Salesforce’s motivation for the corporate adoption study. The company’s Salesforce Wear apps-creation software is meant to kickstart that creativity.当被问及Salesforce为何热衷做到企业接受度的研究时,欧文回应:“我们想有更加多热门应用于,我们期望让自己的客户来研发这些东西。”为推展这种创造性,该公司早已公布了一个目的协助开发人员创立可穿着产品应用于的软件平台Salesforce Wear。

Here are five other things you should know:以下是你应该理解的其他五件事情:1. After Apple Watch, survey respondents were most interested in applications for Google Glass1. 受访者回应,在苹果手表之后,他们最感兴趣的是谷歌眼镜应用于。2. Data collection is considered one of the largest adoption obstacles; only 8% indicated they’d be able to make use of metrics collected via wearables2. 数据搜集被指出是使用可穿着设备要面对的仅次于障碍之一,只有8%的受访者回应他们需要利用通过可穿着设备搜集的数据。3. While cost is the biggest motivator of purchases, business users also want devices that multitask3. 尽管价格是影响出售不道德的仅次于因素,商业用户也期望可穿着设备需要已完成多重任务。4. Three-quarters of businesses that already use wearables report a positive impact on performance4. 在那些早已用于可穿着设备的企业中,有四分之三回应企业的业绩有所提高。

5. More than half of companies expecting to make use of these gadgets expect employees to “bring their own”5. 多达半数想利用可穿着设备的公司,都期望员工需要“自带设备”。





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